Important financial decisions are easier to make with people you trust.

Business owner service

We provide a comprehensive range of assistance and support to business owner clients. We understand your personal and professional lives are often intertwined, so we deliver a cohesive strategy that incorporates all aspects of your life. Our service is tailored to your specific needs so you can plan for the future, safe in the knowledge that when you decide to retire you can look after yourself and your family’s needs.

Divorce service

We help clients who are going through the pain and difficulty of divorce and we do so with empathy and understanding. You may not have been closely involved in managing your finances previously and you may need someone you can trust to clearly explain in plain language how money and investments work. The earlier we engage with you the better, as we can work closely with your solicitor to understand and negotiate a fair settlement and assess any current offers to see if they stack up financially (particularly with regard to existing pensions and investments). We can also help you understand your financial position post-divorce and our ongoing service ensures that we will always be there to assist you in future years.

Bereavement service

Losing a loved one is without doubt one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life. We have extensive experience of working with clients who have suffered bereavement and offer a trusted helping hand to ensure you can make sense of your new financial situation. Managing your own money may be new to you if your partner previously took the lead. We can help you to understand your money and investments, explaining the best way for you to invest and how to make your financial resources last while you get to grips with living a life without your loved one. As you embark on creating a new chapter in your life, our ongoing service ensures that we will be there as your trusted financial adviser in future years.

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