At Signature Financial, honesty and transparency are our key values.

In keeping with our core values of honesty and transparency, our method of financial remuneration follows the same principles. We’ll absorb the cost of an initial exploratory meeting, during which you’ve a chance to find out whether we’re the right adviser for you. For us too, it’s an opportunity to assess how and where best we can bring our expertise to bear on your particular financial situation.

Once there’s a joint agreement to proceed, and we’ve established the areas you need us to advise and guide you on, we’ll then agree our fees in advance. They’re generally one, or a combination of the following:

  • Planning Fees; hourly, project or retainer fees
  • Fund Administration & Advice – percentage of assets
  • Other fees from third-party product providers, if applicable

All fees are declared up front and agreed in advance, and will be fully explained in a clear and transparent manner.